The Original Glacier 2-in-1 Floor Scrub Brush

Save 51%
AED. 79.00AED
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Scrub Your Floors Clean in Half of time!

No More Bending Down to Scrub...

Get the Perfect Clean for Every Floor, Every Time.

Looking For an Easy Way to Clean Your Floors?

Tackle your toughest cleaning tasks with Our G-Brush®  Floor scrub brush!

Its 120° Rotating brush head enables you to adjust the angle at which you scrub your floors, while the stiff bristles take care of tough stains.

Use it in your kitchen, Bathroom, or laundry!

Plus, thanks to the hanging hole in its handle, you can easily store your scrub brush when you're done  using it.

Tackle Stubborn Dirt In No Time

Looking for an easy way to scrub your tile and grout?

Look no further than the G-Brush®!

This Innovative brush Outperforms other scrubs on the market, making it perfect for tackling those tough stains.

Its rotating brush head makes it easy to get into those hard-to-reach spaces, so you can get your floors looking clean and polished in no time.

 Unique V-Shaped Design

Our Unique V-Shaped design effortlessly cleans every corner and gap, saving your time and energy. Plus, the soft bristles are gentle on your floors, so you can clean with confidence.

This 2-in-1 floor scrub brush is soft yet tough to clean through dirt and grime. With the rubber bristles, you'll never scratch any surface including glass and tiles.

The ergonomic Handle is comfortable to grip while maneuvering and delivers a powerful scrubbing sensation.

Convenient to Store and Clean

When it's time to store the G-Brush®, You can simply detach the head and handle for easier storage and easier cleaning of the brush head when needed.

Cleaning doesn't have to be hard work when you've got the right tools...

Your Weekend cleaning duties will never be the same again!