Solar Copter Car Air-Freshener

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Need to Freshen Your Car? This is a fun and practical way to freshen your car.🚗🍃

Introducing the Solar Helicopter Car Air-freshener, This is a fun and practical way to freshen the air in your car while harnessing the power of the sun.

Just place it on your dashboard or windshield; anywhere where you can get sunlight is fine.

Our essential oil fragrance is an oil based fragrance which is proved to be the best at removing odour from your car. It has a pleasant scent that makes it a great choice for your vehicle.

Car accessories interior decoration, made of light luxury alloy, the shape is mini and elegant. It will not block your sight in the car and can be used as a car interior. This Car Fragrance can be used in your car, bedroom, office, etc. 

This awesome solar perfume instantly freshens your car with a modern touch to your dashboard. Simply peel off the back sticker and attach it to your dashboard to instantly elevate your driving experience. These perfumes will make your driver much more special.


  • Quickly aromatizes the car vibe.
  • Installation is quick and easy and can be switched on easily.
  • The Solar Copter enhances the look of the car dashboard.
  • Fits universally in all cars.
  • Improves the ambiance of your car with aroma and design.
  • Works on purely solar energy No need to install batteries.