Smart Weighted Hula Hoop

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Your Ultimate Fitness Buddy!

Get ready to achieve your fitness goals with these fantastic features:

🔄 Won't Drop Design: Adjust size for a secure fit and spin without any worries.
⚙️ Smart Counting: A centrifugal ball makes your workout more efficient with less effort.
⚡ Faster Fat Burning: Burn 2-3 times more fat in just 30 minutes a day.
📊 Built-in Fitness Tracker: Monitor progress on the LCD screen with the smart counter.
🎯 Focus On Your Waist: Perfect for adults aiming to lose weight and shape a sexy waistline.

📦 Package: Color Box
📦 Quantity: 1 set/box
🛠️ Material: New ABS Material
⚖️ Individual Pendulum: Approx. 430g
🏋️ Purpose: Fitness, Weight Loss
👤 For: Unisex
📏 Waist Range: 60 ~ 106cm

Package Includes:
🎁 1 set of Smart Counting Thin Waist Ring

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