Push-Up Board

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Designed for users of all skill levels, our Arm Bending Board with Elastic Extender is a versatile tool that enhances upper limb flexibility and strength. With LiveUp's reliable support, this board offers a comfortable and secure platform for your workout activities.

  • Key Features and Benefits:
  • Suitable for all skill levels, promoting development and flexibility in the upper limbs.
  • Supports safe and effective bending movements, ensuring comfort and security during exercises.
  • Benefits include improved range of motion, intensified muscle engagement in the chest, arms, and shoulders, and comprehensive muscle activation.
  • Suitable for use on various floor types.
  • Contributes to overall body conditioning.

  • Specifications/Product Features:
  • Model: Push-Up Board
  • Features: Rotating Handles, Non-Slip Base
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 120kg

Elevate your workout routine with our Elastic Extender Tracksuit Arm Bending Board. Add it to your cart now and experience enhanced upper body training like never before.