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1. Instantly remove unwanted and stray eyebrow hair
2. Perfect pain-free solution to your eyebrows on fleek!
3. Gentle on all skin types
4. eyebrow trimmer
5. Eye Brow Hair Remover
6. Easy to carry, fits in a small pouch
7. Built in light lets you see even the finest of hair


            HOW TO USE:

- Why did you choose it
Perfect eyebrows, which can make your eyebrows look like they've been groomed, solve the problem of shaping, waxing, or threading your eyebrows. 
- Don't need forceps
Flaless brows are daily maintenance cleaning tools that can be used between your regular eyebrow waxes or threaded connections.
- Notice 
The best way to do this is by touching around and under the brows. Female painless depilation, flaless eyebrows.

- Perfect Gift

Flawessly Hair Remover Brows can be a gift for your female friends or family, and I'm sure they'll be happy when they receive it.

- Package Contents:

1x Flaless women's painless eyebrow trimmer


Does Flaless shave the hair or pull it out by the root?
The secret is a revolutionary Butterfly™ Technology that erases hair by microscopically paring it down through a spinning head. Neatly and discreetly housed under the 18 karat gold-plated head, the Butterfly™ Technology never touches delicate facial skin. eyebrow trimmer Dermatologist approved, Flawless is not a laser, hot wire, epilator, or razor. It is safe on all skin types and tones.



Are the hairs eliminated using a light feature, laser, or heat?

eyebrow trimmer, Eye Brow Hair Remover
 Finishing Touch Flawless does not use a laser or hot wire. The revolutionary Butterfly™ Technology erases hair by microscopically paring it down to the surface of the skin. It is safe on all skin types and tones. Dermatologist approved, Flaless is not a laser, hot wire, epilator, or razor.


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Customer question and Answers

Question:    Is their any charging point or battery?
Answer:     one battery included in this package

Question:     Is this painful?
Answer:      its painless hair removal

Question:  Is Battery included in package or inbuilt battery?
Answer:    One Battery included

Question: Does it come with warranty ?
Answer:  yes its come with 1 year replacement warranty

Question: What if product received is defected?
Answer: will get new replacement

Question: What about the regrowth of facial hair it becomes less or it again grows faster
Answer: Regrowth depends upon each one's hair regrowth rate. Doesn't grow faster after trimming

Question: Is it suitable for upper lips ?
Answer: Yes. Suitable for upper lips and any facial hair and eyebrows. eyebrow trimmer

Question: Does it work on USB or battery
Answer:  Battery operated Eye Brow Hair Remover


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Eye Brow Hair Remover