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 leg pillow to help reduce back, hip, leg, knee & sciatica nerve discomfort.

As a side sleeper, you don’t sleep perfectly straight. Your top leg drops in front of you putting pressure on your back, your hip joints twist & your knees touch, causing pain.

Our Leg Pillow is the best leg pillow for those looking for relief as the cushion comfortably supports your legs & knees to provide proper sleeping alignment & positioning to eliminate those painful pressure points.

The only leg pillow that supports both your legs & knees.
When we first invented our leg pillow, our goal was to improve sleeping alignment to reduce pain.
The leg pillow was invented to help reduce the pressure that occurs from bad sleeping posture which causes discomfort.
Years later we realized that cushioning & supporting BOTH your legs & knees are important in maintaining proper alignment to help reduce pain.

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Ventilated memory foam allows air to circulate for a cooler night's sleep.
Unlike traditional memory foam leg pillow that is designed to absorb your body heat in order to compress, our Leg Pillow is designed with ventilated air holes in the memory foam that promote air circulation throughout the night.
The temperature-regulating foam technology pushes the heat outwards away from your body, to prevent you from feeling like you are overheating.

Sleep comfortably in any position & move freely through the night.

Unlike traditional knee pillows, our Leg Pillow features a truly ergonomic design with its soft curves & crescent shape to fit men & women comfortably. 

Without requiring hazardous, circulation-restricting straps, the precise tether of the pillow contours to fit the natural shape of your legs.

This allows the foam leg pillow to contour to your shape without restricting movement or requiring you to sleep in a certain position.
Use 2 leg pillows for full and total leg support.

For even better support and comfort, you can use 2 of the pillows for total leg alignment & support & improved relief for your hips, lower legs & knees.

The unique shape of this ergonomic leg pillow allows to fit for leg pillow comfort, but then you can reverse it, and place it between your calves for lower leg comfort & support.

Features & Benefits:

✔️Doctor recommended
✔️Memory foam leg pillow
✔️Aligns hips, legs, and spine
✔️All night comfort & support
✔️Unique tapered design for optimal
✔️Fits the natural curve of your legs
✔️Stabilizes the pelvis and lower back
✔️Restores your natural alignment
✔️Reduces pressure on knees, hips, and back
✔️The innovative design keeps you cool all night
✔️Holds its shape
✔️Stays with you all night
✔️Removable, washable cover

We recommend purchasing 2 or more, Use 2 of the pillows for total leg alignment & support & improved relief for your hips, lower legs & knees.