Hair Bakhoor Comb

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AED. 198.00AED
AED. 99.00AED

Designed with your safety in mind, the device is specifically crafted to release the fragrant smoke of oud without causing any harm to your hair strands.



BAKHOOR Hair Diffuser over 50% OFF today 

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 Wow -  Damage Free Oud Hair Diffuser  
 Awesome -  Helps remove instantly bad hair smell , frizz and texture 
 Long Lasting - Infuses hair with a pleasant fragrance that lasts over 48 hours 
 Gurantee   100% Heat Free 
 Comes with two attachments for every hair type 


What are the benefits?

**Enchanting Hair Perfume

**Long-lasting Aroma

**Convenience and Portability

**No Mess, No Residue