Facial Lifting Patch Face Shaping Lifting Firm Chin V-shaped Lifting Tape

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Facial Lifting Patch Face Shaping Lifting Firm Chin V-shaped Lifting Tape 100% Brand New and High Quality Size:3*0.9cm Precautions: 1.If there is itching or fever after pasting, please remove it in time 2. This product is relatively sticky and sensitive skin,please use it with caution 3. Please observe whether the skin is abnormal after 1-2 hours after the first use Storage method: keep in a cool dry place Use on multiple facial parts: Improve the placement of lower frontal line Improve sagging face position Improve double forehead fit Improve wrinkles placement
  • Simple operation: Make sure there is no makeup or oil on your face before use. Just put one end of the tape on our facial skin, then pull the skin back 3-4 inches and push down, the effect will take effect immediately.
  • Face-lifting: The face-lifting sticker has an excellent face-lifting effect, which can instantly lift the sagging skin around the face, effectively lift and firm the face, make the chin and face more slender, and emit a safe and beautiful luster.
  • Breathable and skin-friendly: Our face lift tapes are made of high-quality materials, which are natural and safe, soft and non-irritating, breathable and waterproof, making the skin look firmer and more hydrated, suitable for all kinds of skin. Keeps makeup on for 8 hours without burdening the skin.
  • Invisible face lift sticker: This transparent face lift sticker is a single-sided ultra-thin film, natural, waterproof, smooth, completely invisible after makeup, no traces on the face, and face lifting effect.
  • Long Lasting: This face lift tape can last on your face for about 8 hours so that you can Continuously shape the perfect contour.