EELHOE Gold Plating Of Plastic Parts EELHOE طلاء ذهبي للأجزاء البلاستيكية

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Product details of Black Plastic Coating | Car Dashboard Bumpers Door Panels Tires & All Plastic Coating, Pack of -3

  • Gold Plating Of Plastic Parts
  • Dashboard & Black Plastic Parts Polish
  • Repair Black And Shiny
  • Anti Ultraviolet
  • Acid Rain & Dust Proof
  • Plastic Renovation
  • Anti Whitening
  • Lasting Protection
  • Luster Protection
  • Anti Aging
  • Multipurpose
  • Glowing Lasting 3 to 6 Months
  • Pack Of -3

Gold Plating Of Plastic Parts Pack of -3

Net : 30ML

Shelf Life : 3 Years

Usage Method :

1. Clean up the sundries and dust around the place to be handled 

2. Pour a certain amount of product, wipe with sponge or rag

3. Wait for a while and then wipe with a rag


Keep in a cool place away from fire keep out of the reach of children, do not use in direct sunlight.