Chill' Silicone Ice roller أسطوانة الثلج المصنوعة من السيليكون من تشيل

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What It Is:

Chill Silicone Ice roller is a stylish, ultra-hygienic silicone Ice Roller tray, that you can use as a Cryotherapy Tool.

✓ Cryotherapy at home

✓ Removes puffiness, reduces inflammation

✓ Instant lifting and face contouring

✓ Shrinks pores

✓ Promotes lymphatic drainage

✓ Stimulates blood circulation

Use the powers of cryotherapy to de-puff and contour your face!

There's a new skincare hack that'll shrink your pores, decrease your face puffiness, and exfoliate your skin. And, it's not a cream or moisturizer, but simply, ice. According to Byrdie, using ice, aka ice rollers, is a new and effective beauty hack that'll not only improve your skin but also alleviate muscle aches, migraine pains, and more.

Easy to use - 5 minutes a day for a radiant face

Pop this beauty tool into the freezer before rolling it across your skin to depuff and tighten your complexion, while also soothing inflammation and promoting better absorption of your subsequent skin-care products.