Car Vacuum Cleaner, Cordless & Portable مكنسة كهربائية للسيارة، لاسلكية ومحمولة

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Enjoy a Clean and Fresh Car Interior  استمتع بمقصورة داخلية نظيفة وجديدة للسيارة  


PORTABLE AND COMPACT: The handheld car vacuum's weight is just 0.8 pounds, you can easily remove the HEPA filter for cleaning and washing. More so, the car vacuum cleaner comes with a protective lid to keep the trash in a transparent container.

STRONG SUCTION: The cordless vacuum cleaner's Strong suction power of 8000pa and 120w high-power motor can help you remove dust, food residue, sands. Carry it wherever you need it.

EFFICIENT VACUUMING: The car vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 2000mAh large-capacity lithium-ion battery with a 120w high-power motor and 8000pa suction power which will sweep away dust, dirt, and garbage.

POWERFUL:  Advanced cyclone technology of this car vacuum cleaner allows the fastest and deepest cleaning possible to effortlessly remove dust, crumbs, and other annoying residuals you can name.

PORTABLE and CORDLESS: You can take this portable vacuum cleaner to walk around freely to clean the gaps in the car interior, the gaps between the sofa in the guest room, the corner of the room, and the kitchen. The portable vacuum cleaner can follow you to any place, providing more convenience for your cleaning work.


HIGH-EFFICIENCY HEPA FILTER SYSTEM: This cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with an advanced double-layer HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter system. It can capture 99.5% of small particles and pollutants as small as 0.5μm (1/120 of the diameter of a human hair), thereby effectively preventing pollutants from being released into the air in the exhaust gas.

USB FAST CHARGING: This cordless handheld vacuum cleaner has a USB charging cord, you can charge it via your power bank or AC wall adapter.

COMES WITH 3 DIFFERENT NOZZLES: car vacuum cleaner has 3 different nozzles, wide mouth nozzles, long mouth nozzles, long brush, to help you efficiently clean the car, home, office, crevice corners, sofa blankets, keyboard desks, bookshelves, and other places, for hair, dander, pet hair, debris, and other small things.

WASHABLE FILTER AND LARGE COLLECTION CUP: With wash environment-friendly filter, HEPA filter, better quality than ordinary stainless steel filter, removable and clean, not produce peculiar smell, reusable; Visualize large-capacity cups, removable, easy and quick to take out the garbage, ideal for wet and dry dirt.


 Material: ABS

 Dimensions: 15.7cm x 7.2cm

 Rated input power: 120 (W)

 Vacuum suction: about 8000pa

 Battery capacity: 2000 mAh

 Charging time: about 3.5 hours

 Use time: about 30 minutes


 1 x Wireless car vacuum cleaner

Stop wishing you had a car vacuum cleaner and start enjoying Vacuumable™