Whitening Facial Cleanser Moisturizing Cleansing Brightening Skin تبييض منظف الوجه، ترطيب، تنظيف، تفتيح البشرة

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  • Clean and white Whitening Facial Cleanser makes skin feel clean, soft and more hydrated, replenishing moisture for dry skin while cleansing.
  • Hydrating and not dry Keep your face moist and comfortable without dry skin. The skin feels soothing, the skin turns white after washing, and the resulting foam is soft.
  • Whitening cleanser Gentle and suitable for everyday use, giving your skin a youthful texture.
  • Exfoliate Whitening Facial Cleanser helps remove everyday oils, cosmetics. Hydrating cleanser is not dry or firm. You'll notice an immediate improvement in dry skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types This cleanser is suitable for men and women with all skin types. Adhere to the use of the effect is more obvious.